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A Better Path Treatment Programs

A Better Path Treatment Programs focuses on providing dynamic individualized substance use treatment. We understand that each person has their own recovery path and prioritize treatment goals through evidence-based practices.

About Us

At A Better Path Treatment Programs, we have created a warm and intimate setting for our clients to come and unload their burdens and dive into the issues of their substance use. Our goal is to treat you like welcomed family. We offer our clients a comfy, relaxed, friendly atmosphere, treatment should not feel cold, dull, or scary. That’s why our boutique-style treatment program is designed to feel like you’re at home.    

Our program is designed to provide all our clients with the proper level of focused care that is tailored to your exact needs. Treatment should not be a one size fits all approach, we recognize that our clients have different backgrounds and experiences, conditions, and needs.

Our team of trained clinicians and counselors are dedicated to helping our clients and their families improve their lives, this is more than just careers for us, this is our passion. We work individually with our clients to develop a treatment plan that outlines a clear path to their objectives and goals. 

We understand that addiction and substance abuse affect more than just one person, addiction often affects the whole family. Our clinicians will work with families in a group setting and allow clients and loved ones to process problems that addiction has caused and help to develop skills and hone the necessary skills they need to maintain recovery.



A Better Path was very welcoming. I felt comfortable to open up about my addiction


The feedback and serves I received was what I needed to help me get back to my recovery


I am completly satisfied with the level of care and treatment I recieved while at A Better Path


Thank you for taking our son, this is excatly what he needed


Beautiful home and very caring staff, what a wonderful place to be in Recovery


A Better Path was very welcoming. I felt comfortable to open up about my addiction


What We Do


ABPTP provides a safe, comfortable and private space for clients to engage in residential care.   


ABPTP utilizes evidence based practices to treat our clients, focusing on individualizing treatment to each participant.


ABPTP understands the significance of partnering with our clients and our community resources to ensure that our services are effective.

Residential Treatment

Have a safe place to heal


Understand why you do what you do


Learn to manage in the community, on the job, at home and with friends.


Know you have support from now on.