Heroin Addiction

Comprehensive Treatment is Available in the City of Lincoln, California, to Help Those Struggling with Heroin Addiction.

Heroin presents a number of risks that cannot be ignored in the realm of substance usage. Many naive people start using it while they are younger, but it tends to have a much stronger hold on them as they get older, particularly those who are in their 30s and older. Heroin, which is a powerful opioid, is a covert contributor to an alarmingly high number of deadly overdoses and accidents each year. Those who are trapped by the destructive consequences of substance abuse have, thankfully, access to a rescue line in the form of drug rehab centers in Sacramento and Lincoln, California, such as A Better Path Treatment Programs.

A Better Path Treatment Programs in Lincoln, California, represents a glimmer of light in the darkness for anyone struggling with an addiction to heroin. Our all-encompassing addiction treatment programs have been designed to serve as a map for patients to follow along on their path to recovery. The path to recovery is paved with confidence and the experience of trained professionals when the right combination of inpatient treatment and support structures is utilized. Call us at the number 916-209-3792 to get more in-depth information and to get started on your path to sobriety.

Recognizing the Nature of Heroin Addiction

Heroin is an opioid that is typically found in the form of a white or dark brown powdered substance. It is derived from the poppy plant. It can be smoked, snorted, or injected, and all of them are viable methods for its consumption. As it travels through the body via the circulatory system, it transforms into morphine, a chemical that is well-known for its powerful analgesic effects. Heroin, like other opioids, numbs pain receptors and induces a pleasant state of euphoria, but it does so more quickly. However, there is a catch to this. The fact that the effects are short-lived contributes to the drug’s strong addictive potential. People have a tendency to keep trying to replicate the effects of their first high, which might result in greater consumption.

The following are some of the immediate effects:

  • Symptoms of nausea
  • Throwing up
  • Muddled thinking
  • Absence of consciousness
  • An itchy rash
  • The mouth is dry
  • Unresponsive limbs
  • Strange and unpredictable conduct
  • Changes in one’s mental state

Consuming heroin on a regular basis leads to a number of long-term problems, including the following:

  • The injection caused the vein to collapse.
  • Snoring causes damage to the nasal tissue.
  • Complications related to the lungs caused by smoking.
  • Infections of the heart’s lining and valves.
  • Complications involving the liver.
  • Problems with the kidneys.
  • A severe case of depression.

The vicious cycle of opioid addiction results in a steadily increasing tolerance to the drug. The likelihood of an individual overdosing increases in tandem with their growing tolerance level. Heroin dependence results in a never-ending cycle of yearning, during which the body demands its next “fix” within six to twelve hours in order to stave off the symptoms of withdrawal. As it becomes increasingly difficult to obtain heroin, many people are turning to other opioids, such as the dangerous substance fentanyl, in an attempt to stave off the effects of withdrawal.

The Struggle That Is Withdrawing From Heroin

It is not an easy task to free oneself from the shackles of heroin addiction. It causes profound changes in the brain’s chemistry, which leads to a powerful dependence. When use of this substance is suddenly stopped, significant withdrawal symptoms emerge, which are commonly referred to as “dope sickness.” This excruciating phase frequently drives victims back into the clutches of the drug, which can ultimately result in relapse and perhaps fatal overdoses.

Without the assistance of a trained specialist, it may seem impossible to overcome the unrelenting cravings for heroin that are generated by the brain. During the withdrawal process, patient safety is our top priority at A Better Path Treatment Programs in Lincoln, California. To that end, we provide medical supervision and support. Our medically assisted detox programs, when combined with cognitive behavioral therapy, are carefully crafted to aid clients in conquering their reliance on heroin in the most efficient way possible.

Consult with Trained Professionals at the A Better Path Treatment Programs

It is critical that we act quickly. It is vital that you take quick action if heroin use is a reality for you or for someone you care about. The compassionate staff at A Better Path Treatment Programs, a prominent addiction rehabilitation clinic with locations in Sacramento and Lincoln, California, is happy to assist you through the detox process and the subsequent stages of recovery. Our comprehensive method of treatment, which is adapted to meet the specific requirements of each patient, includes the following components:

  • Diagnosis in both cases
  • The use of 12-step programs
  • Treatment that focuses on the family
  • Detoxification with the assistance of medical professionals
  • Cognitive-behavioral treatment (sometimes known as CBT)
  • Planning for aftercare services
We recognize that everyone’s road to sobriety is different, and we do our best to respond to their specific needs while maintaining a compassionate attitude.

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