Marijuana Addiction

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The ever-shifting panorama of legislation pertaining to marijuana has not diminished the likelihood that it will lead to addiction. The illness known as cannabis use disorder, or CUD for short, primarily affects individuals who first experiment with marijuana when they are in their teenage years. CUD affects approximately 10% of people who use marijuana regularly, but over 30% of those who start using the drug while they are younger develop it. At A Better Path Treatment Programs, we have profound insights into the challenges of marijuana recovery due to our extensive experience in this field.

Those who are battling an addiction to marijuana can find a glimmer of hope at A Better Path Treatment Programs, which has locations in both Lincoln and Sacramento in the state of California. Our facility offers holistic treatment for those struggling with addiction as well as co-occurring disorders and is located in the peaceful setting of Lincoln, California. Contact us at the number 916-209-3792 for a free assessment if you would like more information regarding the patient-centered services that we offer.

Is Marijuana Truly Addictive?

There is a possibility of addiction when using marijuana. Its active component, THC, which is responsible for producing the characteristic high, has the potential to make some users dependent on the substance. Even though marijuana addiction might not be as common as that of alcohol or opioids, it is nevertheless possible to become dependent on marijuana through excessive or chronic use. This condition is characterized by withdrawal symptoms and an overwhelming desire to utilize the substance.

The increased strength of today’s marijuana strains contributes to an increased likelihood of developing an addiction to the drug. It is always necessary to employ caution, especially when dealing with those who have a history of substance misuse or mental health difficulties.

Recognizing the Impact of Marijuana Use and Its Consequences

Consumption of marijuana can result in the following:

  • Intensified sensorial sensations, such as more vivid images and a more pronounced flavor.
  • Profound relaxation.
  • Symptoms include paranoia as well as hallucinations.
  • A state of calm.
  • Impaired recall of past events.
  • Variations in blood pressure and heart-related complications.
  • Difficulties with breathing.

In addition, some of the symptoms that might be observed include a diminished appetite, low energy, difficulties with memory, lethargy, financial constraints, and differences in performance at work or in the classroom.

Is the Use of Marijuana Dangerous?

Marijuana, despite the widespread belief to the contrary, can serve as an entry point to more dangerous substances and, in some instances, cause users to overdose. Symptoms may include:

  • Acute nausea and vomiting.
  • Severe disorientation, anxiety, and panic.
  • Unfounded worries and suspicions.
  • Visual hallucinations.
  • Hypertension and an accelerated heart rate.

Although fatal overdoses from marijuana use are extremely uncommon, marijuana addiction is frequently a symptom of deeper issues such as psychological trauma, mood swings, or persistent stress. It is easy to obtain, and it is currently fashionable, both of which make it an excellent option for self-medication.

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, often known as CHS, is a disorder that can be brought on by chronic marijuana usage. It is characterized by recurrent bouts of nausea, vomiting, and abdominal discomfort.

Rehabilitating Patients at A Better Path Treatment Programs

Recognizing withdrawal and intense cravings are essential steps in the process of recognizing an underlying addiction. Anxiety, drooling, lowered heart rate, violent tendencies, mood fluctuations, and loss of appetite are some of the most common withdrawal symptoms.

Although some people may attempt to go through the withdrawal process on their own, it is always best to seek professional medical and mental health assistance. When paired with behavioral therapy at A Better Path Treatment Programs, detoxification under medical supervision has the potential to drastically reduce the risk of recurrence and improve withdrawal symptoms.

Our facility in Lincoln, California, provides individualized outpatient treatment programs. Because every patient’s path through addiction is different, we place a strong emphasis on individualized treatment that may include individual therapy, detox, and planning for aftercare services to ensure long-term sobriety.

Seeking Assistance Through A Better Path’s Treatment Programs

If an addiction to marijuana has affected you or someone you care about, taking the first step toward recovery is absolutely necessary. At A Better Path Treatment Programs in Lincoln, California, the committed staff is standing by, ready to assist you through the process of detox and an effective recovery from a dependence on marijuana.
It is critical to smash stereotypes and bust myths about mental illness. Do not be reluctant to call us at the number 916-209-3792 if you are about to start on your path to recovery and want to find out more about the ways in which we can help you. Our experts are standing by to provide additional information on the comprehensive and patient-centered treatment alternatives we provide for recovering from a marijuana addiction.