Alumni Program

The Alumni Program at A Better Path Treatment Programs in Lincoln, California helps former patients maintain their sobriety and go on with their lives.

At A Better Path Treatment Programs, we have a solid understanding that the road to recovery does not reach its destination once residential treatment sessions have come to an end. Because of this, we enthusiastically encourage our previous residents to participate in our alumni program so that they can continue to stay in touch with us.

You are invited to join our alumni network whether or not you received treatment for substance misuse in Sacramento or Lincoln, California, or whether or not you sought help for mental health issues.

Our alumni program in Lincoln, California, which is conveniently located close to Sacramento, offers a wide variety of online support groups and local activities that are specifically designed to strengthen the support structures you already have in place. We appreciate keeping in touch with you on an ongoing basis, whether it be through phone calls, online meetings, or emails. Call the staff at A Better Path Treatment Programs at the number 916-209-3792 right now to learn more about the alumni services we provide and how you can take advantage of them.

Outpatient Treatment That Is Both Comprehensive and Adaptive

At our facility, we provide a wide variety of integrated therapies for mental health and substance misuse, and we make sure that all of our programs are founded on research-backed principles and procedures. Our dedication includes providing treatment for people who have been given a dual diagnosis in order to better assist them in overcoming their complex set of health problems.

Our alcohol and drug treatment facilities in Sacramento, California, and Lincoln, California, ensure the following:

  • Day treatments
  • Interventions for detoxification
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOP)
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHP)
  • Subsequent care programs

Patients greatly value the balance that we are able to provide for them, which is the opportunity to continue living in their own homes while still receiving high-quality therapy at our facility. The adventure also continues without interruption with our extensive alumni network once the treatment portion has been completed.

Only the Beginning Stage of Residential Treatment (Initial Residential Treatment)

The PHPs and IOPs that we offer have been precisely crafted to ensure that patients are able to seamlessly integrate therapy into their daily lives. Using this dynamic method, patients at our addiction recovery clinic in Sacramento, California, as well as our center in Lincoln, California, are able to participate in 10 to 30 hours of therapy each week without having to disregard their obligations.

At A Better Path Treatment Programs, we don’t just focus on treating the symptoms of addiction as they appear on the outside. We take a holistic approach to treatment, focusing on the patient’s mind, body, and spirit in order to provide them with long-term tools for recovery. Our alumni program serves as a living example of our dedication to the recovery of our patients, assisting them in remaining sober over the long term.

What Issues Are Able to Be Tackled by Treatment Programs Offering a Better Path?

Our flexible treatment approaches are able to address a wide variety of mental health conditions as well as issues related to substance abuse. Our method takes a comprehensive approach, including a wide range of substances, including alcohol, opiates, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, fentanyl, and meth.

In addition, those who are looking for simultaneous interventions for drug use and mental health difficulties such as depression or anxiety can benefit from our dual-diagnosis treatments, which are designed to deliver consistent care in a cohesive manner. The icing on the cake is the ongoing support that our alumni program offers for your path toward sobriety and overall wellness.

Outpatient Treatment Options Available in the City of Lincoln, California

Treatments at the drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic in Sacramento, California, and Lincoln, California, are individualized to meet the specific requirements of each patient and include the following:

  • Treatments for substance abuse
  • Interventions in mental health care
  • A dual diagnosis for co-existing mental health conditions
  • Methods for preventing future relapses
  • Appointments for family therapy sessions
  • A complete range of psychiatric services
  • Methods in meditative practices and attentive awareness
  • Cognitive-behavioral treatment, sometimes known as CBT
  • And a lot more than that

Every single day that goes by, our alumni network grows larger, which is a demonstration of the triumph and self-empowerment that A Better Path Treatment Programs continually provides.

Move forward with the assistance of the A Better Path Treatment Programs Alumni Network.


When a person is surrounded by sympathetic others who have been down a journey similar to their own, a holistic relapse prevention method can flourish. Those individuals who have finished their treatments with us and are eager to maintain their connection with our support community will find that our alumni program is an essential resource.
Our alumni ecosystem at A Better Path Treatment Programs is built on the foundation of mutual support, which helps to ensure that the road to recovery is traveled without wavering. Get in touch with us at this number (916-209-3792) so that we can discuss the possibilities of expanding our alumni program to Lincoln, California.