Opioid Addiction

There is a growing demand for treatment for substance abuse in Sacramento and Lincoln, California.

The alarming rise in the number of people who are becoming dependent on opioids is a source of great concern. Pain medicines that are available only with a doctor’s prescription, such as oxycodone or Percocet, carry a high risk of addiction, while the use of illegal opioids, such as heroin, is associated with a variety of adverse health effects. The number of people seeking skilled treatment for substance misuse at facilities in Sacramento and Lincoln, California, is growing. Opioid addiction treatment that is specifically designed for the individual can pave the way to recovery for those who are battling this addiction and reduce the likelihood of future relapses or fatal overdoses.

Our Holistic Approach to Opioid Addiction Treatment

We take a holistic approach to treating opioid addiction at our facility, which is located in Lincoln, California and is known as “A Better Path Treatment Programs.” Our institution is situated in a convenient location close to Sacramento, California, and it offers evidence-based approaches to individuals who are in need of support. Utilizing both conventional medical treatment and behavioral counseling as our primary weapons, we are committed to assisting folks in their fight against opioid dependency. These tactics guarantee the growth of healthy coping mechanisms, which are essential for long-term abstinence from alcohol and drugs. You can reach us at this number 916-209-3792 if you or someone you care about needs aid in their fight against opioid addiction.

Understanding the Origins of Opioid Dependence

Opioids can be traced back to the natural compounds that are extracted from the poppy plant, which is cultivated in countries such as Southeast Asia. The 1990s saw the beginning of their ascent to prominence as pain drugs. Regrettably, the entire scope of their potential for addiction wasn’t quickly realized, which resulted in the beginning of an epidemic that is still going strong to this day.

Opioids, unlike many other medications, have the potential to cause addiction in a startlingly short amount of time. Receptors are found all over the human body and are responsible for interacting with the many different signals that come from the brain. This comprises a wide variety of sensations, ranging from concrete sentiments like pain and hunger to less physical ones like pleasure. The interaction of opioids with certain receptors causes an excessive amount of dopamine to be released, which leads to a state of pleasure. This high is unequaled, and in order for the body to experience it again, it must become dependent on opioids.

Because of its potency and rapid onset, this euphoric state has the potential to lure many people down the path of substance abuse, which ultimately results in a downward cycle of addiction. The longer the cycle continues, the more deeply ingrained the addiction becomes, making it extremely difficult to break the habit without the assistance of a trained specialist.

Recognizing the Signs of Opioid Abuse

Recognizing opiate misuse can be challenging, particularly for individuals who are not familiar with the signs and symptoms associated with it. Those who are battling addiction frequently deal with feelings of shame, and as a result, they typically choose to keep their struggle a secret. As a result, it is absolutely necessary to be on the lookout for indicators that point to inappropriate use, such as the following:

  • Overpowering desires to eat;
  • Excessive drowsiness or sleeplessness;
  • Notable shifts in weight;
  • A lower sexual appetite;
  • Isolation from friends and family;
  • Stress about money;
  • Irregular patterns of conduct;
  • Stealing from others or acting belligerently;
  • Withdrawing from society.

Misusing opioids is a significant challenge for one’s mental health. Nevertheless, restoration to health is doable with the appropriate treatment. The knowledge and abilities attained through therapy are essential to maintaining abstinence over the long run.

Treatment Programs at A Better Path

Treatment programs provided by A Better Path are a great place to get started on the road to recovery.

A sanctuary is provided by “A Better Path Treatment Programs” for individuals who are caught up in the tangled web of addiction. Our institution specializes in treating opioid addiction, and it can be found in Lincoln, California, not far from Sacramento. After you check in, our experienced therapists and medical professionals will immediately begin a comprehensive evaluation of your condition. This evaluation will identify the severity of the addiction as well as the treatment plan that is most appropriate, which may include the following options:

  • Intensive outpatient care;
  • Dual diagnosis treatment;
  • Aftercare programs;
  • Partial hospitalization.

Call us at (916) 209-3792 if you or someone you know is looking for a safe haven from the whirlwind that is opioid addiction. We at A Better Path Treatment Programs are committed to assisting you in overcoming your addiction and achieving a more positive and fulfilling future.