Family Therapy

A Better Path Treatment Programs in Lincoln, California Offer Psychotherapy for the Purpose of Healing Families.

Many people who struggle with addiction discover that their use of substances frequently results in damaged relationships with family members and others who are close to them. The effects of addiction can spread, and the dynamics within a family can be profoundly altered as a result. Recognizing this, the most effective dual diagnosis treatment programs for drug and alcohol disorders incorporate family-oriented tactics into their healing processes. These programs are designed to help individuals struggling with both drug and alcohol dependence. Family therapy is an integral part of our treatment philosophy here at A Better Path Treatment Programs. We offer sessions that present effective communication tactics and tools for conflict resolution, and they are led by therapists who are knowledgeable in the field. Our facility, which is situated in Lincoln, California, not far from Sacramento, is dedicated to supporting and assisting patients as they embark on the life-changing path that leads to recovery. Family therapy at our addiction recovery facility in Sacramento, California and Lincoln, California is the solution for you if one of your goals throughout treatment is to mend broken relationships with members of your own family and nurture new ones.

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Exploring the World of Family Counseling

A family is a unit that functions as a whole, with each member playing a role and contributing and receiving in about equal measure. However, the reality rarely matches up with the best-case scenario. Each and every action that one member of the family takes, particularly serious ones such as abusing substances, casts a shadow over the entire family structure. Family therapy shines like a beacon in times of troubled family relationships, assisting in the process of reestablishing harmony.

Family therapy is not a solution that can be used on its own, but rather it is an essential component of an all-encompassing addiction treatment strategy. Family therapy, when combined with other forms of therapy such as group therapy, individualized cognitive behavioral therapy, and interventions aimed at improving mental health, provides our patients with a holistic form of care that promotes healing in every part of their lives.

The primary objective of counseling is to encourage cooperation among members of the family in order to jointly solve the individual difficulties that exist. It provides the path for improved understanding and offers coping skills that strengthen the relationships that exist within the family.

Working Through Sessions of Family Therapy

Even though every family’s time spent in therapy is different, there are certain things that can be anticipated on a more general level. Sessions last for an average of one hour and are held on a consistent basis for a period of many months. It’s possible that therapists will bring up topics such as:

  • Problems with one’s mental health, including but not limited to anxiety and depression
  • The effects that substance misuse has on the dynamics of the family
  • Strategies for resolving issues that arise within the family

During these sessions, you will get insight into the problem-solving strategies and routines that your family employs and which may serve as potential sources of conflict. Difficult subjects are brought up in an honest manner during sessions with a therapist, with the goal of locating means by which the family unit might be fortified.

At A Better Path Treatment Programs, You Can Learn About the Powerful Effects of Family Counseling

At A Better Path Treatment Programs in Lincoln, California, we are firm believers in the curative potential of family therapy, and the fact that we offer it is a demonstration of our dedication to holistic treatment. Our peaceful facility, which is situated not far from Sacramento, provides the ideal environment for families to acquire new skills, mature as individuals, and recover as a unit.

In addition to counseling for families, we also provide a variety of interventions that are based on the specific requirements of each individual client. The following are examples of some of these programs:

  • The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is our most severe level of care, and it consists of daily group therapy, individualized counseling, and consistent support.
  • “Intensive Outpatient Program”: This program provides patients with ongoing assistance as they transition back into their regular lives after receiving treatment in an inpatient facility.
  • “Dual Diagnosis Treatment”: We provide specialist care for patients who are struggling with issues relating to both their mental health and their substance usage at the same time.
  • Aftercare is provided via our alumni network, which ensures that patients continue to feel connected, supported, and empowered even after they have completed a treatment program.

Treatments that take into account the needs of the whole family are available at both of our drug rehabilitation clinics in Sacramento and Lincoln, California. This is because we are aware that the effects of addiction extend to every member of the family. Get in contact with A Better Path Treatment Programs at 916-209-3792 to find out more information on the subject.